The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service, is designed for convenient travel. From the major attractions, Taiwan train station, High Speed Rail stations, the shuttles take passengers to the main tourist attractions in Taiwan. It is the most suitable travel method for people without a car.

It is also an environmentally friendly way to travel.

Wherever you go, such as Nanzhuang, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan or Kenting, etc. the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service has planned shuttle routes with cheap fares, frequency and easy to ride time schedules.

CI of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

The logo of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

With its easily identified colors, visitors can quickly identify it with the unified sign system for their convenience use.

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus Stop

With ared backdrop, the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle’s bus stop indicates the names of this location and the next upcoming stop.At the back, it indicates the names of all the stops along the route.

Vehicles of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

All the shuttles to scenic spots specifically operated by Taiwan Tourist Shuttle are differentiated from other buses.