Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Summer Special gives you fun and value for your money!

2017-07-13 15:46:07

By using electronic tickets for the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, you can save 50 % of your bus fare and get discounts at more than 260 shops!

The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle not only saves you money on excursions and mini trips, but also provides savings on your dining and other activities.

The Directorate General of Highways and The Tourism Bureau jointly provide a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle special program for the summer of 2017. Lots of goodies are waiting for you!From July 15 to September 30 using electronic tickets on the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle saves 50% on bus fare and offers discounts or free goodies in shops at the destinations. Everyone will have a fun summer vacation.

In order to encourage the use of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to promote public transportation for tourism, The Directorate General of Highways offers the discounts on bus fares when electronic tickets are used. In addition, the Tourism Bureau makes arrangements with shops at the destination to provide discounts and goodies.

Please ask the bus drivers for a receipt. By showing this receipt at the shops you will receive discounts and free goodies. This program includes more than 260 shops such as restaurants, accommodations, souvenir shops, attractions, theme parks, factory tours, and leisure farms. Scan the QR code for updated information.

The policy of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications is to promote the use of electronic tickets in public transportation. Electronic tickets are easy to use and convenient for public transportation and small purchases. Thus, these tickets can assist with the development of public transportation and encourage the citizens to utilize public transportation.

In 2016 students saved 50 % on bus fares by using electronic tickets. It was a successful program. This year the Ministry of Transportation and Communications cooperates with the Tourism Bureau to provide this discount to all citizens. The integration of industries and transportation brings more advantages to all.

The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is created by the Tourism Bureau to provide a low-carbon and friendly transportation service. The shuttle service covers and links the transportation hubs and main tourist attractions. The 45 routes of 2017 include the beautiful and idyllic countryside of Taiwan and off-shore islands. Travel packages of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle are created to encourage tourists to experience local culture. This service has become popular among independent travelers and backpackers.

The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is the best way to travel around Taiwan on a limited budget for unlimited fun. It’s environmentally friendly and provides value for your money. Why not take advantage of this special program to have a fun summer vacation! 

Please see the website below for more information:www.taiwantrip.com.tw/e03/index.html