Xitou Route

Taichung Gancheng Station(臺中干城站) to Xitou (Xitou nature education area)(溪頭(溪頭自然教育園區)):
Taichung Gancheng Station(臺中干城站)=>Taichung Station(臺鐵臺中站)=>Minxing Park(民興公園)=>Daqing Station(臺鐵大慶站)=>THSR Taichung Station(高鐵臺中站)=>Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park(車籠埔斷層保存園區)=>In Front Of The Warehouse(倉庫前(竹山交流道))=>Jhushan Industrial Park(竹山工業區服務中心)=>Chuxiang(初鄉)=>Zhongxing Bees Farm(中興蜂場)=>Luchang=>Lugu Farmers' Association(鹿谷鄉農會茶業中心)=>Gungxing(廣興)=>Neihu(內湖)=>Neihu Elementary School(內湖國小)=>Wankeng(彎坑)=>LeMidi Hotel(米堤)=>Xitou (Xitou nature education area)(溪頭(溪頭自然教育園區))


Xitou (Xitou nature education area)(溪頭(溪頭自然教育園區)) to Taichung Gancheng Station(臺中干城站):
Xitou (Xitou nature education area)(溪頭(溪頭自然教育園區))=>LeMidi Hotel(米堤)=>Wankeng(彎坑)=>Neihu Elementary School(內湖國小)=>Neihu(內湖)=>Gungxing(廣興)=>Lugu Farmers' Association(鹿谷鄉農會茶業中心)=>Luchang=>Zhongxing Bees Farm(中興蜂場)=>Chuxiang(初鄉)=>Jhushan Industrial Park(竹山工業區服務中心)=>In Front Of The Warehouse(倉庫前(竹山交流道))=>Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park(車籠埔斷層保存園區)=>THSR Taichung Station(高鐵臺中站)=>Daqing Station(臺鐵大慶站)=>Gongguan Village(公館里)=>Taichung Station(臺鐵臺中站)=>Taichung Gancheng Station(臺中干城站)

Tickets and Transport Information


NT$ 158 / one wayNo return ticket is sold on the bus

Where to buy

1. Ticket counter
Nantou Bus ticket counter at Taichung Gancheng Station: +886-4-22256418
Nantou Bus ticket counter at THSR station: +886-4-36018665
2.Ticket on Bus We accept: cash, easy card, ipass
3.Ticket Network
Nantou Bus http://www.ntbustour.com/busmain/mainsite/

Service Hotline

Nantou County Government Tourist Develop Department Tel:+886-49-2243971
Chang Hua Bus (Sitou) Tel:+886-4-22235696
Yuan Lin Bus (Sitou) Tel:+886-4-22256293
Nantou Bus:+886-49-2984031
Service Hour: 09:00~17:00


Notice for Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – Xitou route passengers:
1 Only price concession is provided for return tickets and ticket packages, no priority is given for boarding or seating. Passengers are required to collect a number card from the station staff and board the bus in sequence. (Relevant regulations apply to buses specified by THSR joint tickets)
2 Please be patient if there are a large number of passengers and follow the station staff’s instruction to wait for your bus.
3 The bus is susceptible to delays due to heavy traffic and congestion in Xitou during the holidays, thank you for your understanding.
4 If you are unable to take the last bus, please apply for a refund from the Xitou Station staff or Nantou Bus.
Return trip (departing from Gancheng Station and THSR station)
1 Please collect a number card from the station staff on the day of your journey and board the bus in sequence.
2 Some of the buses do not stop at Taichung Train Station, Minxing Park, Daqing Train Station; the number of reserved seats available at various stations is announced on site.
Return trip (departing from Xitou Station) – Implemented from June 16, 2015
1 The number card from Xitou to Taichung is only valid for the day, please collect it personally from the ticketing window in Xitou. Please do not collect number cards repeatedly or on behalf of others in order to ensure that the number card is available for other passengers as well.
2 Passengers intending to take the bus before 12:00 (excluding 12:00) must stand by at the scene and do not need to collect a number card.
3 Passengers intending to take the bus after 12:00 are required to collect a number card at the counter after disembarking.
4 Reserved seats are available for each bus for passengers standing by at the scene, please follow the station staff’s instructions and board the bus in sequence.
5 Since the number of buses is limited, if you are unable to take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Xitou route, please transfer to another route by following the station staff’s instructions.

THSR joint ticket
1. The first bus bound for Xitou leaves Gancheng Station in Taichung at 09:00. Each day, 20 seats are reserved for passengers traveling on the 09:20 bus specified by the THSR joint ticket. Passengers can board the bus from Taichung Train Station, Minxing Park, and Daqing Train Station.
2. Passengers who do not board the bus at the specified time will have to collect a number card from the service staff and join the queue on site to take another bus.
3. Passengers traveling from Xitou to Taichung and back must collect a number card at Xitou Station, and follow the return journey regulation implemented on June 16, 2015 (departing from Xitou Station).

Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:
1. Carrying folding bikes on the bus is allowed.
2. Please observe the following rules when carrying folding bikes:
(1) You should put the folding bike in a bike bag.
(2)Put it in the luggage compartment for free.
(3)When putting your folding bike on a seat, you need to pay half fare for it.

Concession tickets guidelines:
1. There are full tickets and half tickets. All day return tickets are offered at discount prices already. Apologize for no further discount.
2. Half tickets are available to:
(1) Senior citizens at the age of 65 or above, with ROC ID cards or Senior Citizen Cards
(2) Holders of Disabled Cards. Must ride with a guardian or a partner.
(3) Children below 12 years old at height of 115cm and below 145cm can purchase half tickets with valid IDs.
3. Free:
Children at the height of 115cm or below or children below 6 years old but at the height above 115cm are allowed to ride on the buses free with valid IDs. They are allowed to occupy seats. But they must be accompanied by adults with valid tickets. Each adults with valid ticket are allowed to take two children that are eligible to ride on the buses free. All children exceeding the requirements must purchase half tickets.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:
1. You need to pay half fare for each pet carried on the bus. But they should not take any seat.
2. Passengers refusing to cooperate with the staffs’ advice, in case of the following, may be refused to ride on the bus. The unused tickets can be refunded in full:
(1) Suffering from serious diseases.
(2) Not carried in cages, baskets, or nets.
(3) Unclean or prone to damage other people and things.
(4) Harmful to public hygiene and other passengers; aggressive and dangerous animals.
(5) Not suitable to be carried on buses.

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Related scenic spots along the route


  Originally, University Pond was created to keep logs moist. Later, the pond became the representative landmark of Sitou. The pond is frog heaven in spring and summer.
  From the Pavilion, you have a good view of the topography of Sitou. Looking north, the peak on the right is Mt. Phoenix; the peak on the left is Mt. Neshupe.There is a huge boulder inside the Giant Tree. Although the center is mostly rotted out and hollow, the giant tree lives on, a testament to the tenacity of life.This is the first sky walk in a forest in Taiwan. The walkway is 180 m long and 22.6 m (that's seven stories!) above the ground.
  The green forest canopy cleanses the air naturally and provides habitat and shelter for epiphytes, tree-dwelling animals, insects and fungi. From the walkway, you can experience life in the treetops and observe how it changes with the four seasons.
The Giant Rock was originally part of the rock formation on the cliff. During the big earthquake on September 21, 1999, the rock broke off the cliff and tumbled to its present position. Its dimensions are 18m x 15m x 12m, its volume is 540 m3 and it weighs 1300 tons. The base of the Giant Rock has been reinforced. Now it is symbolic of the 9/21 earthquake at Sitou.

Xitou Monster Village

  The founder built this Monster Village to show his respect on Mother Nature. This Japanese style village sure brings the time back to the history of Japanese occupying Taiwan. The mascot of the village tells us that to not forget those rare animals that were once living in this forest. This extraordinary Monster Village has been Xitou’s top attraction spot for many years. 

Zinan Temple

  Zi Nan Temple is famous by the fortune worshiping and golden chicken worshiping from worshipers. The stone censer and the stone god have a century of history. And it is one of the most famous Tudi Gong Temple (Groundskeeper God Temple) in Taiwan.

Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park

  Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park was constructed with a unique dome design, to preserve the fault happened in 921 earthquake. The special geology and earthquake fault become the plentiful knowledge for people to learn more of Taiwan’s geology and people will be astonished by the power from mother earth.

Nei Hu Elementary School

  Nei-Hu Elementary School is the rebuild school after 921 earthquake. This rebuild elementary school kept the nature pathway and the unique school buildings brings people another views of what a school can be.