Guanzihling to Southern Branch of the NPM route

Singing Bus Station to Guanzihling:
Singing Bus Station=>Houbi Train Station=>Nanjing Train Station=>THSR Chiayi Station=>Southern Branch of NPM=>THSR Chiayi Station=>Nanjing Train Station=>Houbi Train Station=>Baihe Bus Station=>Baihe Reservoir=>Baocyuan Bridge=>Guanzihling


Guanzihling to Singing Bus Station:
Guanzihling=>Baocyuan Bridge=>Baihe Reservoir=>Baihe Bus Station=>Houbi Train Station=>Nanjing Train Station=>THSR Chiayi Station=>Southern Branch of NPM=>THSR Chiayi Station=>Nanjing Train Station=>Houbi Train Station=>Singing Bus Station

Tickets and Transport Information


1. Pay on boarding (no change will be given back)
2. The bus fares is by distance. You may use e-ticket such as iPass or EasyCard and get the free fares within 8km distance (save bus fares of NT$26). You can save extra NT$9 if you transfer the transportation in two hours.

Where to buy

1. You may refer to below website: ezTravel (, Phoenix Tours (
2. Or go to ezTravel information desk at THSR Chayi Station, or Singing Bus Station to purchase the e-ticket.

Service Hotline

Singing Bus Station +886-6-6322513 (Mon to Fri 08:00 to 19:00)
Singing Bus Station service line +886-6-6372210.
Traveler's toll free number 0800-011-765 for travel information or emergency services. It’s a 24/7 services and provides Chinese, English, and Japanese languages.


Siraya National Scenic Area Official website:
Guanzihling to Southern Branch of the NPM route Official website :

Note: Southern Branch of the NPM is closed on Mondays. The bus will not stop at this station on Mondays.

Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:

Folding bikes should be stored in the luggage rack and should not pose a danger or inconvenience to passengers. Keep folding bikes out of aisles and off seats and do not obstruct exits. Oversized folding bikes are not allowed to bring on the bus.

Concession tickets guidelines:

If you are using the concession ticket, please show your ID for checking. Illegal use of concession ticket will need to pay the bus fare.
1.Eligibility for Concession tickets for seniors and disability:
(1)ID card to prove you’re over 65 years old or to provide senior card.
(2)Disability card and should accompany with a disability support person
2.Eligibility for Children bus fare: (1)Free: children height under 115cm or children height above 115cm but under 6 years (need to carry proof of age)
(2)Half bus fare: children height above from 115cm to 150cm and under 12 years (need to carry proof of age)
(3)Children for free ticket shall accompany with an adult and one adult can use two free tickets for children, no more than two. If more than two children, then passenger shall pay half bus fare for one children.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:

Small animals are permitted on metropolitan train and bus, provided that they are carried in an approved animal containers. Dangerous animals are not permitted to travel on the bus. Guide dogs, hearing guide dogs or guide dogs in training can travel for free on all public transport services.

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Guanzihling to Southern Branch of the NPM route This play

Day One

Southern Branch of NPM to enjoy the Asian art à Houbi Train Station à Wumiler Community to experience the paddy fun à Houbi Tugou Village to see what is call “Village is gallery; gallery is village” à Baocyuan Bridge to enjoy the romantic light show at night à Guanzihling to experience Guanzihling Hot Spring and relax yourself.

Day Two

The “Hau Han Slope” in Guanzihling has 234 steps by walking to the top. When you walk to the top you can see the beautiful scenery of Siraya area à Guanzihling Lingding Park to the famous installation art called “Blessing under the street light” and feel the romantic atmosphere under the ring à Water and Fire Cave amazed by the natural phenomena of water and fire coexist and lasts over 300 years from now à Baihe Reservoir to join Baihe Lotus Festival in summer time à Nanjing Train Station to visit Shuishang Nanjing Sugar Factory and taste the delicious ice cream bar and have fun at fountain.

Related scenic spots along the route

Wumiler Community

  Wumiler Community locates on Jingliao old street in Houbi district where there was the most prosperous community in Tainan. This community was awarded the Best Village in 2009; and awarded “Whole City Awards” with bronze medal in 2011. In this community, you can see the pristine simple life with hundred years of Sanheyuan building (it is a tradition building in early Taiwan, and was built with three sections). In Jingliao, there has a village B&B called “Holland Well”, it’s a place for you to experience local farming activities and enjoy the taste of village meals.

Guanzihling Lingding Park

  The installation art called “Blessing under the street light” becomes a famous spot for lovers to take photos at night. Accompanied with the love song call “The love of Guanzihling”, lovers can feel the romantic atmosphere when they stand under the ring.

Baihe Lotus Festival

  There have two famous lotus origin places in Taiwan, one is Guanyin in north; another is Baihe in south. And Tainan’s Baihe is the most famous one. You can find many kinds of lotus here. Baihe Lotus Festival is the big event in Tainan during summer time. From June to August is the best flower viewing season. Local farmers said the best flower viewing hour is from 5:00 to 10:00 in the morning.

Water and Fire Cave

  Water and Fire Cave is the place where you can see the natural phenomena of water and fire coexist at the same cave. It is located in Tainan Baihe “Guanzihling Scenic Area”. There is natural gas emits between the fissure for years under the unique geologic structure. After being lit, the flame will never go out. Therefore this cave becomes one of the seven famous wonders in Taiwan and it’s also one of the eight famous wonders in Tainan.

Houbi Tugou Village

  It’s located in Tainan Houbi District, the origin of Champion Rice. The name originates from a river run through the village. It was a very pristine and original place, but it’s now become the first village gallery in Taiwan when 10 years ago people transformed the place into a gallery and decorated with environment art. The saying “Village is gallery; gallery is village” indicates even a corner, the lawn, the harvest scene can be the art.

Guanzihling Hot Spring

  Guanzihling Hot Spring is one of the unique mud hot spring in the world. It’s also called “Black Hot Spring” for the mud is black and gray. With silk texture, the mud can be put on face or body to make people feel relax and smooth on the skin. The hot spring is a sodium bicarbonate spring (alkalescence) with year round temperature of 75 to 85 degree Celsius.

Shuishang Nanjing Sugar Factory (Nanjing Train Station)

  Nanjing Sugar Factory locates across from Nanjing Train Station. It was built in 1908 and was one of the top 3 exporting sugar factories in early Taiwan. It is now transform to a plaza for flower exhibition and Taisugar market.  In the factory, you can find the antique train and the fountain area. And the flower exhibition from Taisugar is there for people to enjoy the beauty of butterfly orchid.

Southern Branch of the NPM

  Ranked No.1 for the “Top Ten Therapeutic Buildings in the City” online voting competition, the National Palace Museum Southern Branch not only features an exhibition of rare national cultural relics, the 3km round-lake boardwalk built along the main building allows you to appreciate the Oriental architectural form from various angles while at the same time enjoy the serene landscape with the lake water mirroring the image of the azure sky above. The quintessential public art installations include the first stone sculpture by international artist Yayoi Kusama “I am a Pumpkin” and “Tasting Tea” by artist Wang Wen-chih, which was inspired by the process of tea rolling on Alishan. Fear not, if you are afraid that you cannot walk the distance, golf cart rental service is available at the service center so that you can enjoy your visit with ease!