Sun Moon Lake Route

Taichung Air Station(臺中航空站) to Xiangshan Vistor Center(向山行政中心(部分班次停靠)):
Taichung Air Station(臺中航空站)=>Taichung Gancheng Station(臺中干城站)=>Taichung Station(臺鐵臺中站)=>Daqing Station(臺鐵大慶站)=>THSR Taichung Station(高鐵臺中站)=>Puli Vistor Center埔里遊客中心(埔里遊客中心)=>New Era Sculpture Park(牛耳石雕公園)=>Puli Station(埔里轉運站)=>National Chi Nan University(暨南大學)=>Taomikeng (Paper Dome)(桃米坑(紙教堂))=>Dayan (Seshui Community)(大雁(澀水社區))=>Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village(九族文化村(部分班次停靠))=>Yuchi(魚池)=>Antique Assam Tea Farm(日月老茶廠)=>Sun Moon Lake(日月潭)=>Xiangshan Vistor Center(向山行政中心(部分班次停靠))


Xiangshan Vistor Center(向山行政中心(部分班次停靠)) to Taichung Air Station(臺中航空站):
Xiangshan Vistor Center(向山行政中心(部分班次停靠))=>Sun Moon Lake(日月潭)=>Antique Assam Tea Farm(日月老茶廠)=>Yuchi(魚池)=>Culture Village(九族文化村(部分班次停靠))=>Dayan (Seshui Community)(大雁(澀水社區))=>Taomikeng (Paper Dome)(桃米坑(紙教堂))=>National Chi Nan University(暨南大學)=>Puli Station(埔里轉運站)=>New Era Sculpture Park(牛耳石雕公園)=>THSR Taichung Station(高鐵臺中站)=>Daqing Station(臺鐵大慶站)=>Taichung Station(臺鐵臺中站)=>Taichung Gancheng Station(臺中干城站)=>Taichung Air Station(臺中航空站)

Tickets and Transport Information

Fare NT$ 190 / one way, NT$ 350 / Round Trip (Please purchase the return tickets at Taichung Gancheng Station and Nantou Bus counter at THSR Taichung Station)
Where to buy 1.Ticket counter
Nantou Bus ticket counter at Taichung Gancheng Station:+886-4-22256418
Nantou Bus ticket counter at THSR station: +886-4-36018665
2.Ticket on Bus We accept: cash, easy card, ipass
3.Ticket Network
Nantou Bus
4.7-ELEVEN ibon
Service Hotline Sun Moon LakeNational Scenic Area Tel:+886-49-2855668, Service Hour: 09:00 ~ 17:00
NANTOU BUS TRANSPORTATION CO.,LTD. (Sun moon lake) Tel:+886-49-2984031, Service Hour: 09:00~17:00

Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:
1. Carrying folding bikes on the bus is allowed.
2. Please observe the following rules when carrying folding bikes:
(1) You should put the folding bike in a bike bag.
(2)Put it in the luggage compartment for free.
(3)When putting your folding bike on a seat, you need to pay half fare for it.

Concession tickets guidelines:
1. There are full tickets and half tickets. All day return tickets are offered at discount prices already. Apologize for no further discount.
2. Half tickets are available to:
(1) Senior citizens at the age of 65 or above, with ROC ID cards or Senior Citizen Cards
(2) Holders of Disabled Cards. Must ride with a guardian or a partner.
(3) Children below 12 years old at height of 115cm and below 145cm can purchase half tickets with valid IDs.
3. Free:
Children at the height of 115cm or below or children below 6 years old but at the height above 115cm are allowed to ride on the buses free with valid IDs. They are allowed to occupy seats. But they must be accompanied by adults with valid tickets. Each adults with valid ticket are allowed to take two children that are eligible to ride on the buses free. All children exceeding the requirements must purchase half tickets.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:
1. You need to pay half fare for each pet carried on the bus. But they should not take any seat.
2. Passengers refusing to cooperate with the staffs’ advice, in case of the following, may be refused to ride on the bus. The unused tickets can be refunded in full:
(1) Suffering from serious diseases.
(2) Not carried in cages, baskets, or nets.
(3) Unclean or prone to damage other people and things.
(4) Harmful to public hygiene and other passengers; aggressive and dangerous animals.
(5) Not suitable to be carried on buses.

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Sun Moon Lake Route This play

Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural lake in Taiwan. Located at Yuci Township, in the past, it was called as “Shui Sha Lian.” Surrounded by peaks and mountains, the lake is large. Filled with water, its view is splendid. There are indigenous people with unique cultures living around the lake. It is not only a famous national scenic area in Taiwan but also renowned international resort. Taiwan Tourist Shuttle takes you there from Taichung Gancheng Station or THSR Taichung Station in 90 minutes. Arriving at the pearl of Formosa, you can travel around the lake on round-lake buses, boats, or bikes. With various shuttle services around the lake, you can sightseeing around it at your own pace and own preference.

Taichung Gancheng Bus Station or Taichung Railway Station or THSR Wuri Station→Tao-Mi Eco-Village→Sun Moon Lake

Related scenic spots along the route

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

When you are in Sun Moon Lake don’t miss out the ropeway ride for another exciting experience of sighting the lake. 10 min on the ropeway you will arrived at Ita Thao Wharf and now it’s time to hop off and go for another journey!You may also ride the ropeway to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Tao-Mi Eco-Village (Paper Dome)

During Taiwan 921 Earthquake 70% of Taomi village was destroyed. Instead of living in pain villagers re-constructed their home into an eco-village. Today there is ecological wetland, waterfalls, river trail, parks, and the originate Japan Paper Dome as the success of community reconstruction. The Paper Dome represents the love and support from Japan. 

Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple

Wenwu Temple is located at the shoulder of mountain where is on the north of Sun Moon Lake. It was built in 1938. People worried the water of Sun Moon Lake might cover Longfeng Temple and Ihuatang of Shuishotsun, they built Wenwu Temple. The Wenwu Temple is 2 (Longfeng Temple and Ihuatang) in 1. It was rebuilt in 1969. Its gate is face to the north. People pray the Civil Saint of Confucius, the Military Saint of Guangong, and the Established God of two temples at the Wenwu Temple. The temple is popular among students.

Xianshan Visitor Center

Xianshan Visitor Center has a unique two curved designed and it’s surrounded by water, lawn and concrete. Designer Dan Norihiko also put in the consideration of not blocking the sight of the Sun Moon Lake for the visitors. The construction of 34 meters wide and 8 meters high stretch out like human arm embracing the earth. The roof floor is a great spot to sight the Sun Moon Lake from above and it’s also a green planting observation platform. 

Shueishe Visitor Center

The last stops of Sun Moon Lake route will be the Shueishe Visitor Center which provides complete tourist information for another route. Tourist may also visit the Shueshe Wharf by walking or renting a bike at the lower floor of Shueishe Visitor Center. At the Shueshe Warf tourist may buy souvenir from “Taiwan One Town One Product (OTOP)” shop which they have many Taiwan handmade products, Sun Moon Lake famous black tea, Specialty Mushroom, and etc. 

Ita Thao

This is the main settlement for Ita Thao people. There are traditional Thao dance, artifacts exhibition and many Ita Thao markets. The shopping experiences here are full of Thao spirits.

Hanbi Hiking Trail

Hanbi Hiking Trail is about 1.5 km around the waterfront. In every corner you will find different angle to view the beauty of the Sun Moon Lake. During the early morning you might run into Barbet, Red-headed Babbler, Grey-Cheeked Fulvetta and other rare species of birds. Walking towards Tanban Wharf you can view the Ci-hen Pagoda and Lalu Island.