Xianshan Route

Nanzhuang(南庄) to Xian Mountain Temple(仙山靈洞宮):
Nanzhuang(南庄)=>Nanzhuang Visitor Center(南庄遊客中心)=>Li Jing Guan(里京館)=>Xiaodonghe Tribe(小東河部落)=>Nanjiang Recreational Agricultural District(南江休閒農業區)=>Siazhuang(下庄)=>Penglai River Ecology Park(蓬萊自然生態園區)=>Erping Tribe(二坪部落)=>42 Tribe(Ⅰ)(四二份部落(1))=>42 Tribe(Ⅱ)(四二份部落(2))=>Baguali Tribal Village(八卦力部落)=>Xian Mountain Temple(仙山靈洞宮)


Xian Mountain Temple(仙山靈洞宮) to Nanzhuang(南庄):
Xian Mountain Temple(仙山靈洞宮)=>Baguali Tribal Village(八卦力部落)=>42 Tribe(Ⅱ)(四二份部落(2))=>42 Tribe(Ⅰ)(四二份部落(1))=>Erping Tribe(二坪部落)=>Penglai River Ecology Park(蓬萊自然生態園區)=>Siazhuang(下庄)=>Nanjiang Recreational Agricultural District(南江休閒農業區)=>Xiaodonghe Tribe(小東河部落)=>Li Jing Guan(里京館)=>Nanzhuang Visitor Center(南庄遊客中心)=>Nanzhuang(南庄)

Tickets and Transport Information


★one day pass NT$ 150
1. 1-Day pass: NT$150, you can take Nanzhuang Route, Xiantiang Lake Route, and Xianshan Route. Unlimited rides on the same day of ticket purchase.
2. With a ticket of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle operated by Miaoli Bus, holders can have a free ride on another day, with the stamp of legal guest houses or hotels in Miaoli.
★We accept: easy card, ipass/Pay by cash on the bus, fare of one way ticket will be charged at exact mileage
1. Full ticket: Xianshan Route NT$58. Please prepare exact change. No change available on the bus.
2. Half ticket: aged 65 or above, disabled, elementary school children
3. Childrens ticket: Aged 6 or below

Where to buy

1.Ticket on Bus2.Ticket counter Nanzhuang Bus

Service Hotline

Miaoli County Governtment Tel:+886-37-374375, Service Hour: 8:00~17:00
Miaoli Bus Tel: +886-37-662111, Service Hour: 09:00~17:00


Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:
1. Carrying folding bikes on the bus is allowed.
2. Please observe the following rules when carrying folding bikes:
(1) You should put the folding bike in a bike bag.
(2)Put it in the luggage compartment for free.
(3)When putting your folding bike on a seat, you need to pay half fare for it.

Concession tickets guidelines:
1. There are full tickets and half tickets. All day return tickets are offered at discount prices already. Apologize for no further discount.
2. Half tickets are available to:
(1) Senior citizens at the age of 65 or above, with ROC ID cards or Senior Citizen Cards
(2) Holders of Disabled Cards. Must ride with a guardian or a partner.
(3) Children below 12 years old at height of 115cm and below 145cm can purchase half tickets with valid IDs.
3. Free:
Children at the height of 115cm or below or children below 6 years old but at the height above 115cm are allowed to ride on the buses free with valid IDs. They are allowed to occupy seats. But they must be accompanied by adults with valid tickets. Each adults with valid ticket are allowed to take two children that are eligible to ride on the buses free. All children exceeding the requirements must purchase half tickets.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:
1. You need to pay half fare for each pet carried on the bus. But they should not take any seat.
2. Passengers refusing to cooperate with the staffs’ advice, in case of the following, may be refused to ride on the bus. The unused tickets can be refunded in full:
(1) Suffering from serious diseases.
(2) Not carried in cages, baskets, or nets.
(3) Unclean or prone to damage other people and things.
(4) Harmful to public hygiene and other passengers; aggressive and dangerous animals.
(5) Not suitable to be carried on buses.
3. Passengers should carry their pets in cages, baskets, or nets. Each passenger is allowed to carry one pet, not exceeding the dimensions of 27cm3 (average length of 30cm on each side).
4. When carry pets, passengers should place them beside and take good care of them. They are not allowed to put on seats, luggage racks, or aisle. The cages, baskets, or nets carrying the pets should be closed or fastened tightly and wrapped up with waterproof cloth for hygiene reasons. If any passengers violate the rules and refuse to cooperate with the staff, they may be forced to leave the vehicle. The tickets will be suspended.
5. Guide dogs must be allowed on the buses to safeguard the rights of the people with visual impairment. All guide dogs can ride on the buses for free. As most guide dogs are huge, they are suggested to sit by the doors. 

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Related scenic spots along the route

Penlai Fish Ecology Area

  To protect Penlai creek from over fish hunting and to restore its ecosystem, a troop of local people decided to make Penlai a site for people to enjoy the beautiful mountain- side creek as it used to be, and to give visitors a chance to observe the fish ecology here.

Nanzhuang Visitor Center

  People from all regions visit the famous Nanjhuang Cottage for its lodging, the farmers market, restaurants, coffee shops and unique lifestyle, where one can appreciate the great scenery and culture. 

Baguali Tribal Village

  Baguali community has about 20 households of the Saisiat tribe villagers. During the colonial period the Japanese named it “Hakaliki” (Eight Mountains) because counting south of Baguali there are a total of 8 mountains. 

Nanjiang Leisure Area

  Nanjiang Leisure Agricultural Area (南江休閒農業區) was the former Nanzhuang Township Agricultural Association and then included into Nanjiang Entertainment Agricultural District in 2004. Inside there are trout aquarium, ayu aquarium, fields, orchards, household residences and canteens as well as a leisurely walkway leading to the Xiangtian Lake (向天湖). In the surrounding there are high mountains stretching into the distance, where you can see the Lion Head Mountain (獅頭山), Hengpingbei Mountain (橫屏背山), Xiangshan (象山) and Xiaodonghe Mountain (小東河山), etc. The river is further planned into the second Penglai River Course (蓬萊溪河道) in “Natural Ecological Fish Preservation Area” within the country.
  With the emergence of local entertainment industry, Nanjiang Leisure Agricultural Area (南江休閒農業區) will gradually transform the existing tourists service center into entertainment agricultural district to provide consultation service, rest, afternoon tea and DIY experience. Moreover, it will also become an exhibition area for vegetables and special agricultural products for small-scale farmers, and be equipped with the convenient parking, wide space, conforming to the philosophy of slow pace of the city. It is hoped that tourists can enjoy perfect touring service and stay longer.