Dashu Shuttle Bus Route B

Fongshan Transfer Station (KMRT Dadong Station)(鳳山轉運站-捷運大東站) to Buddha Memorial Center(佛陀紀念館):
Fongshan Transfer Station (KMRT Dadong Station)(鳳山轉運站-捷運大東站)=>Old Railroad Bridge Wetland (Sanhe Tile Kiln)(舊鐵橋溼地(三和瓦窯))=>Bamboo Mountain Winery(竹寮山觀光酒廠)=>Gushan Warehouse(姑山倉庫)=>Pineapple and Lychee Culture Center(鳳荔文化館)=>Fo Guang Shan Monastery(佛光山)=>Buddha Memorial Center(佛陀紀念館)


Buddha Memorial Center(佛陀紀念館) to Fongshan Transfer Station (KMRT Dadong Station)(鳳山轉運站-捷運大東站):
Buddha Memorial Center(佛陀紀念館)=>Fo Guang Shan Monastery(佛光山)=>Pineapple and Lychee Culture Center(鳳荔文化館)=>Gushan Warehouse(姑山倉庫)=>Bamboo Mountain Winery(竹寮山觀光酒廠)=>Old Railroad Bridge Wetland (Sanhe Tile Kiln)(舊鐵橋溼地(三和瓦窯))=>Fongshan Transfer Station (KMRT Dadong Station)(鳳山轉運站-捷運大東站)

Tickets and Transport Information


1.One-day Pass 50NT(Purchase the ticket on the day of bus riding. Unlimited ride)
2We accept:easy card、ipass (two-section fare)
3Cash payment NT$12 (two-section fare)
*Concession cards are not applicable to this route, full fare tickets apply.

Where to buy

Ticket on Bus

Service Hotline

Southeast Bus:+886-7-5365690800-616-898


Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:
1. Carrying folding bikes on the bus is allowed.
2. Please observe the following rules when carrying folding bikes:
(1) You should put the folding bike in a bike bag.
(2)Put it in the luggage compartment for free.

Concession tickets guidelines:
1. There are full tickets and half tickets. All day return tickets are offered at discount prices already. Apologize for no further discount.
Children at the height of 115cm or below or children below 6 years old but at the height above 115cm are allowed to ride on the buses free with valid IDs. They are allowed to occupy seats. But they must be accompanied by adults with valid tickets. Each adults with valid ticket are allowed to take two children that are eligible to ride on the buses free. All children exceeding the requirements must purchase half tickets.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:
1. You need to pay half fare for each pet carried on the bus. But they should not take any seat.
2. Passengers refusing to cooperate with the staffs’ advice, in case of the following, may be refused to ride on the bus. The unused tickets can be refunded in full:
(1) Suffering from serious diseases.
(2) Not carried in cages, baskets, or nets.
(3) Unclean or prone to damage other people and things.
(4) Harmful to public hygiene and other passengers; aggressive and dangerous animals.
(5) Not suitable to be carried on buses.

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Related scenic spots along the route

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center(佛陀紀念館)

  Fo Guang Shan is an international Chinese Mahayana Buddhist monastic order based in Taiwan. It is one of the largest Buddhist organizations. In here, the Buddha will calm our souls and give spiritual happiness to us.

Gushan Warehouse

  Gushan Warehouse sells Dashu District’s exclusive develop pineapple icy, honey, vanilla, and other local products. The “Lychee popsicle” here is made from special cultivar which now becomes one of Taiwan’s exclusive sweet. Visitor may also experiences lychee fabric dyeing DIY, or rent a bike and explorer the park.