Theme Park Route

Taoyuan Bus Zhongli Station(桃客中壢總站) to Leofoo Village Theme Park(六福村主題樂園):
Taoyuan Bus Zhongli Station(桃客中壢總站)=>Lao-jie River Education Center(老街溪河川教育中心)=>葡萄王健康活力能量館=>Lifestyle Bookstore(晴耕雨讀小書院)=>Taoyuan Bus Longtan Station(桃客龍潭站)=>Longtan Lake Office(龍潭大池(管理中心))=>Window on China Theme Park(小人國主題樂園)=>Leofoo Village Theme Park(六福村主題樂園)


Leofoo Village Theme Park(六福村主題樂園) to Taoyuan Bus Zhongli Station(桃客中壢總站):
Leofoo Village Theme Park(六福村主題樂園)=>Window on China Theme Park(小人國主題樂園)=>Longtan Lake Office(龍潭大池(管理中心))=>Taoyuan Bus Longtan Station(桃客龍潭站)=>Lifestyle Bookstore(晴耕雨讀小書院)=>葡萄王健康活力能量館=>Lao-jie River Education Center(老街溪河川教育中心)=>Taoyuan Bus Zhongli Station(桃客中壢總站)

Tickets and Transport Information


Taiwan Tourist Shuttle family paradise route single journey ticket
1.Single journey from Taoyuan Zhongli Main Station to Leofoo Village (three section ticket)/full fare and half fare for each section is NT$18 and NT$9 respectively.
2.Instruction: The ticket holder is entitled to board and disembark the bus once.
Taiwan Tourist Shuttle family paradise route one day pass
1.Price: Full fare ticket NT$100, half fare ticket: NT$50
2.Instruction: Unlimited usage within one day.

Where to buy

1. Zhongli Main Station: No.225, Zhonghe Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City(03)422-2047
2. Tickets can be purchased onboard the bus at various stops.

Service Hotline

Taoyuan Bus Zhongli Main Station:03-422-2047( Cihu Route)
Taoyuan Bus Daxi Main Station :03-388-2002( Xiao Wulai)
Hsin Chu Bus Longtan Main Station: 03-479-2007 (Taiwan Tourist Shuttle family paradise route)


Taoyuan Travel Official Website:

Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:
As there is no luggage compartment for storage, carrying a folding bike on the bus is not allowed.

Concession tickets guidelines:
1. There are full tickets and half tickets.
2. Half tickets are available to:
(1) Senior citizens at the age of 65 or above, with ROC ID cards or Senior Citizen Cards
(2) Holders of Disabled Cards. Must ride with a guardian or a partner.
(3) Children below 12 years old at height of 115cm and below 150cm can purchase half tickets with valid IDs.
3. Free:
Children at the height of 115cm or below or children below 6 years old but at the height above 115cm are allowed to ride on the buses free with valid IDs. They are allowed to occupy seats. But they must be accompanied by adults with valid tickets. Each adults with valid ticket are allowed to take two children that are eligible to ride on the buses free. All children exceeding the requirements must purchase half tickets.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:
Passengers should carry their pets in cages, baskets, or nets.

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Theme Park Route This play

Lao-Jie River Education Center (1 hour)→Window on China Theme Park (6 hours, including lunch time)→Return 

Related scenic spots along the route

Lifestyle Bookstore

  This is a “lifestyle- themed” bookstore. At the time, the founder of the bookstore was motivated by Kongming’s lifestyle of farming during sunny days and studying during rainy days, therefore he established Lifestyle Bookstore in order to encourage people to live life to the fullest while working diligently, so that they can enjoy a desirable lifestyle in resonance with the rhythm of nature. Lifestyle Bookstore offers books related to culinary culture, travel and literature. There are also secondhand books, postcards and independent publications. Besides books, the seating area provides tea and snack service as well. Most importantly, reading classes and lectures are conducted from time to time along with DIY courses, hoping that people will slow down their pace amid their busy life and reserve some time for relaxation and meditation.

Window on China Theme Park

  Window on China Theme Park was founded in 1984. The renowned theme park in Taiwan is divided into two major themes: “Globetrot” and “Amusement Park”. The former is the most popular, unique “mini world” in the theme park, featuring global locations such as Taiwan, China, Europe, America and Asia. The miniature landscapes are crafted in 1:25 scale, including the Great Wall of China, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Statue of Liberty in the US etc., presenting the world famous locations to the visitors. Inside the “Amusement Park” are indoor and outdoor amusement rides; in particular, the “Jumbo Wave” is certainly a ride not to be missed, where passengers climb to a height of 12 stories onboard the raft and plunge back down to experience unparalleled excitement, speed and coolness. The wave splashes nearly 6 stories high! 

Leofoo Village Theme Park

  This is the first and the only theme park complex boasting a combination of safari zoo, amusement facilities and exotic ambiance. The theme park is divided into four major theme villages: “Wild West”, “South Pacific”, “Arabian Kingdom” and “African Safari”. In 2012, the “Leofoo Water Park” was unveiled, sporting over 80 amusement rides including the first u-shaped suspension roller coaster in Asia – “Screaming Corridor” and “Pagoda’s Revenge” – a ride that takes you freefalling and plunging to Earth from a height of 17 stories. Besides amusement rides, there are also regular water fountain shows, parades and a variety of dazzling shows. The “African Safari” boasts over 150 species of 1,500 rare wild animals from across the world, including giraffe, white rhino, white tiger and lemur. The only open safari zoo in Taiwan enables visitors to experience and explore the world of animals in depth from the closest distance.