Southern Branch of the NPM route

TRA Chiayi Station(臺鐵嘉義站) to THSR Chiayi Station(高鐵嘉義站):
TRA Chiayi Station(臺鐵嘉義站)=>Hinoki Village(檜意森活村)=>Mingxiong Industrial Parks Service Center(民雄工業區服務中心)=>Pineapple Hill(旺萊山)=>Mingxiong Kumquat Factory(金桔農莊)=>National Chung Cheng University(中正大學)=>TRA Mingxiong Station(臺鐵民雄站)=>The World for Cat Lovers, Jingpu(菁埔貓世界)=>Hsinkang Fenqtain Temple(新港奉天宮)=>Dingcaiyuan(頂菜園)=>Bantaoyao(板陶窯)=>Suantou Sugar-Cane Factory(蒜頭蔗埕文化園區)=>Southern Branch of the NPM(故宮南院)=>THSR Chiayi Station(高鐵嘉義站)


THSR Chiayi Station(高鐵嘉義站) to TRA Chiayi Station(臺鐵嘉義站):
THSR Chiayi Station(高鐵嘉義站)=>Southern Branch of the NPM(故宮南院)=>Suantou Sugar-Cane Factory(蒜頭蔗埕文化園區)=>Dingcaiyuan(頂菜園)=>Bantaoyao(板陶窯)=>Hsinkang Fenqtain Temple(新港奉天宮)=>The World for Cat Lovers, Jingpu(菁埔貓世界)=>TRA Mingxiong Station(臺鐵民雄站)=>National Chung Cheng University(中正大學)=>Mingxiong Kumquat Factory(金桔農莊)=>Pineapple Hill(旺萊山)=>Mingxiong Industrial Parks Service Center(民雄工業區服務中心)=>Hinoki Village(檜意森活村)=>TRA Chiayi Station(臺鐵嘉義站)

Tickets and Transport Information

Fare Charge by metered
NT$ 153 / one way
Where to buy 1.On The Bus
2.We accept: cash, easy card, ipass
3.Purchase location:
Service Hotline Accessible bus please book in advance.
Chiayi County Bus Service Administration:05-2788177

Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:
As there is no luggage compartment for storage, carrying a folding bike on the bus is not allowed.

Regulations for concession tickets:
1. The ticket price is divided into full fare and half fare. No discounts will be offered as the route tickets are already sold at discounted prices.
2. Qualification for half fare tickets:
(1) Senior citizens registered outside of Chiayi County/City, over the age of 65 and in possession of Taiwanese ID or senior citizen card.
(2) Disabled persons registered outside of Chiayi County/City and in possession of disability card, as well as the cardholder’s companion.
(3) Disabled persons in possession of disability card, as well as one cardholder’s companion.
(4) Children between the height of 115cm and 150cm, or children over the height of 150cm but are under 12 years old are entitled to purchase half fare tickets upon the presentation of ID.
3. Qualification for free tickets:
(1) Senior citizens registered inside of Chiayi County/City, over the age of 65 and in possession of honorary ticket or disability card may ride for free upon presentation of the necessary documents.
(2) Children under the height of 115cm or above the height of 115cm but are less than 6 years old will be able to ride for free by presenting ID. However, they must be accompanied by adults who have already purchased a ticket, and the children may not take up any seats. Children exceeding the threshold will be required to purchase half fare tickets.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:
Pets may be carried onboard in a travel cage.

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Southern Branch of the NPM route This play

Suggested staying time Station Suggested activities Remarks
120 Minutes NPMSB Admire the beauty of national treasures, architecture and artworks by international artists First bus departs from THSR Chiayi Station at 09:00
Take “NPMSB” (11:08) to CYHCG Fenqtain Gong
60 Minutes CYHCG Fenqtain Gong Come find Huye and enjoy gourmet food outside the temple! Take “ CYHCG Fenqtain Gong” (13:03) to Suantou Sugar mill
90 Minutes Suantou Sugarcane Cultural Park Take the sugarcane transportation train, listen to the history of the sugar industry and enjoy the leisureliness and freedom of riding bicycles. Take the last bus of “Suantou Sugarcane Cultural Park” (16:39) to THSR Chiayi Station


Related scenic spots along the route

Bantou Community(板頭社區)

Bantaoyao, inside the Bantou Community, features temple ceramic collage art and Koji pottery factories that apply the tunnel kiln technology. Driven by the passion for traditional craft, “Bantaoyao Crafts Studio of Jiao-Zhi Pottery & Chien-Nien” was created, where large scale Chinaberry tree shaped ceramic collage art called “Four Seasons in Indigenous Country” has been created throughout the local community, symbolizing the perseverance and persistent spirit of Bantou villagers. “Dingcaiyuan” upholds the philosophy of “One day, the trains will return” to preserve and restore the local folk customs and the sugarcane transportation railroad. The small road section inside the community oozes with nostalgia of the railroad and interesting collage artworks, making it a highly recommended destination. 

Pineapple Hill(旺萊山)

People say that there is a pineapple gentleman wearing a tall hat in Chiayi, but where is he? Come on to the Pineapple Hill to take a look. As a matter of fact, the pineapple cakes here are renowned far and wide because the local climate and soil are conducive for pineapple cultivation. As a result, the highest quality pineapples with refreshing sweet and sour aroma have won the “Shennong Awards”. So come on, let’s taste the premium pineapples, it is a taste that you absolutely cannot miss!

Mingxiong Kumquat Factory(金桔農莊)

“Our childhood is filled with the memories of sourness, saltiness and sweetness” – this is the diligent and industrious spirit of Minxiong Kumquat Factory since its inception. It has striven to generate new business opportunities for kumquats by designing a plethora of merchandises such as beverages, jams and jelly drinks etc. Furthermore, you can also make these products yourself through DIY! In addition, there are camping areas, outdoor experiences and DIY classrooms for you to relive your childhood memories. 

Hinoki Village(檜意森活村)

“The fragrance of Hinoki and memories of forestry” – Hinoki Village was originally an official dormitory cluster developed to support forestry development in Alishan, where most of the construction materials consist of Chinese cypress (Hinoki) lumbered from Alishan. As the time changed, the complex gradually fell into disuse. After joint endeavors from multiple parties, the village was restored to its former glory using traditional craftsmanship, and integrated planning was implemented to transform the area into a forest cultural & creative park. 

Suantou Sugar-Cane Factory(蒜頭蔗埕文化園區)

Once a sugar mill, Suantou Sugarcane Cultural Park is now transformed into a recreational tourist park, and the former sugarcane transportation trains have become tourist trains! Besides riding the train and listening to the tour guide explaining the history of the sugar mill, visitors can also rent bicycles to reach the bicycle-exclusive suspension bridge “Liu Jia Dian Longevity Bridge” and enjoy the freedom of the gentle breeze caressing their faces. The total length of the bride is said to be comparable to the height of Taipei 101! So, what are you still waiting for?

Mingxiong Industrial Parks(民雄工業區)

In response to the tourism development trend, many factories inside Minxiong Industrial Park have transformed into tourist factories or parks, including the Yushan Kaoliang Liquor Cultural Park, Capshow Tourism Factory and Sunn Vill. When visiting the parks, tourists are not only able to appreciate the local history and development as well as take home exquisite souvenirs, they also get a chance to experience fun DIY activities!

The World for Cat Lovers, Jingpu(菁埔貓世界)

Meow, there is the Houtong Cat Village in north Taiwan, what about the south? Well, Huye’s favorite cate is hiding in Jingbu Cat World, the tranquil village in Chiayi becomes saturated with cat lovers. Regardless of the cat personality you prefer, pitiful, ferocious or lazy, you will certainly find the surreal cat world truly mesmerizing. In addition, there is also the legendary cat that can shake hand with visitors! Come on cat lovers, let’s pay Jingbu Cat World a visit!

Southern Branch of the NPM

Ranked No.1 for the “Top Ten Therapeutic Buildings in the City” online voting competition, the National Palace Museum Southern Branch not only features an exhibition of rare national cultural relics, the 3km round-lake boardwalk built along the main building allows you to appreciate the Oriental architectural form from various angles while at the same time enjoy the serene landscape with the lake water mirroring the image of the azure sky above. The quintessential public art installations include the first stone sculpture by international artist Yayoi Kusama “I am a Pumpkin” and “Tasting Tea” by artist Wang Wen-chih, which was inspired by the process of tea rolling on Alishan. Fear not, if you are afraid that you cannot walk the distance, golf cart rental service is available at the service center so that you can enjoy your visit with ease!

National Chung Cheng University(中正大學)

Thanks to the idol drama “Meteor Garden”, CCU was voted as the most beautiful university in Taiwan in an online poll. The campus emanates a romantic and leisurely ambiance, making it the premier photoshoot location for wedding photographers. The charming Tranquility Lake, lush boulevard and classic central water fountain plaza offer a blend of Mayan, intellectual and romantic ambiance create a peaceful and comfortable environment. Come on and visit CCU to appreciate the glamor of the most beautiful university in the country!

Minxiong Goose Street(民雄鵝肉一條街)

“You cannot leave Minxiong without tasting the local delicacy goose!” Minxiong’s goose has gained reputation far and wide, with countless goose stores lining the streets, earning it the title of “Goose Street”, so come on, follow the footsteps of gourmands to enjoy the sumptuous feast! Minxiong’s goose is succulent, tender, fresh and delicious, gourmands often travel from afar just to savor this irresistible dish. Now, travelers only have to take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – NPMSB route to reach the gourmet destination. 

CYHCG Fenqtain Gong(新港奉天宮)

CYHCG Fenqtain Gong has longstanding history and it has long been the local religious center. Furthermore, it has also stimulated thriving business opportunities, because the world’s only gold encrusted Huye is worshipped on the sacred table here! If you are wondering why the Huye is the only statue enshrined here, please visit the temple to find out for yourself! The exquisite souvenir and delicacy stores nearby will not disappoint you, including popular treats such as duck thick soup, A-Yan’s pork knuckles, Cai savory rice pudding, Mr. A-Qin shaved ice with taro balls, so get out of your house and come explore your exclusive gourmet map!