Keelung Shuttle Bus West Line

Keelung Station(VisitorInformationCenter)(臺鐵基隆站(旅遊服務中心)) to Yehliu Geopark(野柳地質公園):
Keelung Station(VisitorInformationCenter)(臺鐵基隆站(旅遊服務中心))=>Lovers LakePark(情人湖公園)=>Dawulun Tourism Factory(大武崙觀光工廠)=>Green Bay(翡翠灣)=>Guihou Fishing Harbor(龜吼漁港)=>Yehliu Geopark(野柳地質公園)


Yehliu Geopark(野柳地質公園) to Keelung Station(VisitorInformationCenter)(臺鐵基隆站(旅遊服務中心)):
Yehliu Geopark(野柳地質公園)=>Guihou Fishing Harbor(龜吼漁港)=>Green Bay(翡翠灣)=>Dawulun Tourism Factory(大武崙觀光工廠)=>Lovers LakePark(情人湖公園)=>Keelung Station(VisitorInformationCenter)(臺鐵基隆站(旅遊服務中心))

Tickets and Transport Information


one day pass NT$ 50

Where to buy

1.Ticket on Bus,Charge by section NT$15 / once ; sectional fare, Charge by section, one-way ticket NT$30
2.Method of payment: Two section-fares are charged on the bus, with Dawulun Tourism Factory and Feicui Bayas the section point. No buffer zone. The bus fares are charged in accordance with the standard of Keelung City. one day pass NT$50. You can purchase your ticket on the bus
3.We accept: easy card, ipass

Service Hotline

New Taipei City Government E-Bus System:+886-2-24323185, 0800-588010
TRA Keelung Station(Visitor Information Certer):+886-2-24287664
Keelung Bus: +886-2-24323185


Keelung Shuttle Bus West Line Official website:

Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:
As there is no luggage compartment for storage, carrying a folding bike on the bus is not allowed.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:
1. Passengers should carry their pets in cages, baskets, or nets. Each passenger is allowed to carry one pet, not exceeding the dimensions of 27cm3 (average length of 30cm on each side).
2.When carry pets, passengers should place them beside and take good care of them. They are not allowed to put on seats, luggage racks, or aisle. The cages, baskets, or nets carrying the pets should be closed or fastened tightly and wrapped up with waterproof cloth for hygiene reasons. If any passengers violate the rules and refuse to cooperate with the staff, they may be forced to leave the vehicle. The tickets will be suspended.
3.You need to pay half fare for each pet carried on the bus. But they should not take any seat.
4.Other than guide dogs.
5. No birds are allowed on the bus to prevent bird flu.

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Related scenic spots along the route

Itai Tourism Factory

  “ita Shower & Kitchen Equipment Tourism Factory” is the brand name of Da Wu Lun Tourism Factory. It’s Taiwan’s first tourism factory in bathroom industry. And the bathroom exhibition museum presents bathroom culture of east and west and its develop history. It is the first tourism factory that combines technology, environmental protection, culture, and health.

Lovers’ Lake Park

  Lover's Lake Park locates at Tawulunshan and it’s a highland lake. This lake is formed and gathered with different small streams and become Lover’s lake today. Its original name is called Wu Yi Bei. Walking by the trail, you can feel the tranquil in the forest. In the highland, there have three platforms for people to overlooking the beautiful landscape. In north of Lover’s lake, a trail can leads you to the sea side so that you can see the Aodi Fishery Harbor and also can see Keelung harbor and Yehliu seashore. The name of Lover’s Lake came from the lake’s shape forming like lovers embrace together. It is said that once lovers come to here and walk together through the Lover’s Bridge, they will get the blessing of good marriage. That’s why grooms and brides will come to this place and take wedding photos in memory of their marriage.

Feicuiwan (Green Bay)

  Speaking of north coast, you cannot miss the Green Bay Beach that covers with white sand that is over 1,500 meters long. This place has many plenty recreational aquatic activities, hotels, restaurants and resorts. Every summer time, many people will visit this place and have fun with all kinds of aquatic activities including water skiing, sailing, surfing, sea parasailing, jet ski, yacht, and snorkeling. It is the best refreshing places in northern Taiwan during the summer time.
  A folk story about this Green Bay Beach is saying that hundreds years ago a mother was waiting her child at the beach and it took a life-long waiting for this mother. Therefore it brings Green Bay Beach has the mother protective symbol. From dawn to sunset, the diversity beauty of Green Bay Beach is breathtaking in four seasons, whether it’s sunny or raining.

Guihou Fishing Port

  Locates in Wanli District of New Taipei City, Guihou Fishing Harbor is the small fish village at first.
  Fishermen sailing back with fruitful fishes and sale directly to the wholesalers; therefore, this place have become a fish market. At first the scope and land range is small but it had been reconstructed with a wider hinterland.
  Plenty seafood restaurants open at the Guihou Fishing Harbor for visitors to enjoy fresh seafood. People can either eat in the restaurant or ask the restaurant’s chief to cook for you with your fresh seafood purchased from the market. Recently, crabs become the must tried seafood in Guihou Fishing Harbor. Though Guihou harbor is not as famous as Fuguei Harbor and the scale is smaller as well. But the seafood can be very fresh with reasonable price. That’s why people will come to here to enjoy the fresh seafood.
  The beach nearby Guihou is also small, but many photographer will come here to take beautiful photos at the seashore. The geology is similar to Yeliu; therefore, the beauty of Guihou beach is also very unique and breathtaking.  

Yehliu Geopark

  Yehliu Geopark is the most wide range natural geology classroom in Taiwan and famous for its sea-erosion and weathering landscape. By walking around, you’ll be amazed by many strange rocks. Many of them have special name, such as: Elephant Rock, Fairy Shoe, Queen’s Head, Ice Cream Rock, Kissing Rock, and Princess’ Head. It’s the seashore that full of wonder stories.
  The nearby Yehliu Ocean World is another popular visiting spot for families where you can enjoy the dolphin and sea line’s show and walk into the undersea tunnel to observe ocean creatures. The famous monocline structure is also a popular spot in Yehiu due to it was formed by asymmetric layer pushing up and caused one side is steeper and another is flatter. In Yehliu, you’ll see two monocline structures and a long narrow sea-erosion platform in between to link these two monocline structures. One bigger monocline structure locates close to the entrance and is called the big monocline structure. Another monocline mountain locates at north east side of Yehliu. Standing on the bigger monocline structure, you’ll see the orogeny from the cliff. Candle Rock, Ginger Rock and the Mushroom Rock are easily be recognized from there.