Keelung Shuttle Bus West Line

Keelung Station(VisitorInformationCenter)(臺鐵基隆站(旅遊服務中心)) to Yehliu Geopark(野柳地質公園):
Keelung Station(VisitorInformationCenter)(臺鐵基隆站(旅遊服務中心))=>Lovers LakePark(情人湖公園)=>Dawulun Tourism Factory(大武崙觀光工廠)=>Green Bay(翡翠灣)=>Guihou Fishing Harbor(龜吼漁港)=>Yehliu Geopark(野柳地質公園)


Yehliu Geopark(野柳地質公園) to Keelung Station(VisitorInformationCenter)(臺鐵基隆站(旅遊服務中心)):
Yehliu Geopark(野柳地質公園)=>Guihou Fishing Harbor(龜吼漁港)=>Green Bay(翡翠灣)=>Dawulun Tourism Factory(大武崙觀光工廠)=>Lovers LakePark(情人湖公園)=>Keelung Station(VisitorInformationCenter)(臺鐵基隆站(旅遊服務中心))

Tickets and Transport Information

Fare one day pass NT$ 50
Where to buy 1.Ticket on Bus,Charge by section NT$15 / once ; sectional fare, Charge by section, one-way ticket NT$30
2.Method of payment: Two section-fares are charged on the bus, with Dawulun Tourism Factory and Feicui Bayas the section point. No buffer zone. The bus fares are charged in accordance with the standard of Keelung City. one day pass NT$50. You can purchase your ticket on the bus
3.We accept: easy card, ipass
Service Hotline New Taipei City Government E-Bus System:+886-2-24323185, 0800-588010
TRA Keelung Station(Visitor Information Certer):+886-2-24287664
Keelung Bus: +886-2-24323185

Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:
As there is no luggage compartment for storage, carrying a folding bike on the bus is not allowed.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:
1. Passengers should carry their pets in cages, baskets, or nets. Each passenger is allowed to carry one pet, not exceeding the dimensions of 27cm3 (average length of 30cm on each side).
2.When carry pets, passengers should place them beside and take good care of them. They are not allowed to put on seats, luggage racks, or aisle. The cages, baskets, or nets carrying the pets should be closed or fastened tightly and wrapped up with waterproof cloth for hygiene reasons. If any passengers violate the rules and refuse to cooperate with the staff, they may be forced to leave the vehicle. The tickets will be suspended.
3.You need to pay half fare for each pet carried on the bus. But they should not take any seat.
4.Other than guide dogs.
5. No birds are allowed on the bus to prevent bird flu.

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Ruifang Train Station→National Museum of Marine Science & Technology→Indigenous Cultural Hall→Keelung Train Station→Feicui Bay→Yehliu Geological Park→Miaokou Night Market

Related scenic spots along the route

Miaokou Night Market

Keelung's Miaokou (lit. temple entrance) is located in the center of Keelung City. The rise of the night market has much to do with the Dianji Temple. In the early days, pilgrims to the temple would gather at the temple; sometimes outdoor performers and other entertainers would perform near the temple as well. Street vendors selling food and drink were in turn attracted to the area by the large amount of foot traffic, and all of these factors contributed to the rise and prosperity of Miaokou. The number of vendors increased and the night market gradually stretched from its center at Ren 3rd Road into Ai 3rd Road and Ai 4th Road. This is the famous "Miaokou Night Market", the prime tourist attraction of Keelung.
The characteristic of Miaokou's snacks is that vendors present all of their dishes clearly in front of customers. Every individual dish served in the night market has its own flavor and history. Miaokou's exhibition hall of delicious food and snacks is open year-round, displaying a wide variety of dishes made from rice, flour and beans, as well as seafood, meats, desserts and frozen treats. Many food experts praise Miaokou as having "the largest variety of dishes in the whole of Taiwan". Some famous dishes include tempura, dingbiancuo (potside scrapings), sandwiches, chicken rolls, butter crab, thick bean-sprout soup, fresh seafood, pork knuckle, braised eel soup, bubble ice, etc.

Feicui Bay

One of the most exclusive stretches of beach along the north coast is Feicui Bay which has been developed as a tourist resort. Located between Yeliu and Wanli, it encompasses 1,500 meters of beach and is also equipped with many other resort facilities. It is one of the locations closest to Taipei, where surfing is possible.

Guihou Fishing Harbor

Guihou Fishing Harbor is located to the north of Green Bay and has become famous in recent years because of the New Taipei City’s promotion of Wanli Crab. The daily catch is unloaded and sold directly upon arrival at the harbor so the seafood here is extremely fresh. This is why the many restaurants along the harbor which buy their ingredients and prepare dishes on the spot are the choice of many a food connoisseur. A three-kilometer long shoreline connects the harbor with Yehliu and Green Bay. Sea water erosion created many strange yet beautiful stone formations along the coast and in 2010 the coastline was named Taiwan’s most beautiful coastline by the Ministry of Interior’s Construction and Planning Agency. It is one of the best places to enjoy the sunrise and the gentle lights from fishing boats.