Lions Head Mountain Nanzhuang Route

Lion's Head Mountain Visitor Center(獅山遊客中心) to Nanzhuang Visitor Center(南庄遊客中心):
Lion's Head Mountain Visitor Center(獅山遊客中心)=>Quanhua Temple(勸化堂)=>Nanzhuang Visitor Center(南庄遊客中心)


Nanzhuang Visitor Center(南庄遊客中心) to Lion's Head Mountain Visitor Center(獅山遊客中心):
Nanzhuang Visitor Center(南庄遊客中心)=>Quanhua Temple(勸化堂)=>Lion's Head Mountain Visitor Center(獅山遊客中心)

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Lions Head Mountain Nanzhuang Route This play

Lion’s Head Route connects to four major routes: “Lion’s Head Mountain Route,” “Nanzhuang Route,” “Xiangtian Lake Route,” and “Xian Mountain Lake.” Riding on it, tourists can visit all the routes along Lion’s Head Mountain, Nanzhuang in Miaoli. Walking along Tengping Trail that is rich in ecological scenes, Lion’s Head Mountain Ancient Trail scattered with temples, and more, you can enjoy the woods in the mountains and tranquility in the temples there. From time to time, you can see rare Taiwan birds, such as Taiwan whistling thrush, black bulbul, Formosan blue magpie, and more flying around. Arriving at lively streets in Nanzhuang, you can see all the cultural scenes and gourmet food packed into this short but marvelous Osmanthus Alley. It is the best section of Old Street tour. In this place, you can feel the special charm of Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli areas.

Lion's Head Mountain Visitor Center→Quanhua Temple→Nanzhuang Visitor Center

Related scenic spots along the route

Quanhua Temple

  Quanhua Temple is established in the Qing Dynasty (1897) and is one of the earliest built temples in Taiwan. In addition, it is also the biggest temple out of all three “Holy Buddhist Temples” in the west side of Lion’s Head Mountains. The structure includes ancient-Chinese lion and dragon style craving on pillars or walls. The orange and red paint on the temple is surrounded by green mountains which made a great contrast of the view. 

Lions Head Mountain Visitor Center

  The Lion's Head Mountain Visitor Center was opened in 2001. It was built over the former Shishan Elementary School and designed to retain the Hakka style. In addition to the facilities, the restaurant, Xixin Tea House is appended to the Visitor Center, offering dining and refreshment services to the public. 

Shishan Trail

  Shi Shan Trail intersected in Sanwan, Nanjhuang, and Emei townships. Shi Shan is also called Lion’s Head Mountain due to the mountain was formed as a lion’s head shaped. Lion’s Head Mountain and the Fo Guang Shan in southern Taiwan are two biggest Buddhism holy lands.
  The temple in Shi Shan was built with natural rocks. In the center of trail, Wang Yue Pavilion is the side line that divides Miaoli and Hsinchu. The front half of trail was well preserved with stone trail and the back half of trail is made with cement. The trail has 3500 meters long and the tranquil forest is like a wonderland.

Nanzhuang Visitor Center

  People from all regions visit the famous Nanjhuang Cottage for its lodging, the farmers market, restaurants, coffee shops and unique lifestyle, where one can appreciate the great scenery and culture.