Kenting Express Line

THSR Zuoying Station(高鐵左營站) to Xiaowan(Kenting)(小灣(墾丁)):
THSR Zuoying Station(高鐵左營站)=>Dapeng Bay(大鵬灣)=>Fangliao Station(臺鐵枋寮站)=>Checheng(車城)=>Nanbaoli(南保力)=>Hengchun Bus Station(恆春轉運站)=>Nanwan(南灣)=>Xiaowan(Kenting)(小灣(墾丁))


Xiaowan(Kenting)(小灣(墾丁)) to THSR Zuoying Station(高鐵左營站):
Xiaowan(Kenting)(小灣(墾丁))=>Nanwan(南灣)=>Hengchun Bus Station(恆春轉運站)=>Nanbaoli(南保力)=>Checheng(車城)=>Fangliao Station(臺鐵枋寮站)=>Dapeng Bay(大鵬灣)=>THSR Zuoying Station(高鐵左營站)

Tickets and Transport Information


THSR Zuoying Station/Kenting NT$ 392 / one way, NT$ 600 / Round Trip Zuoying THSR Station/Dapeng Bay NT$ 145 / one way

Where to buy

1.Ticket on Bus
2.We accept: cash, easy card, ipass
3.Only cash is accepted when buying return ticket over the counter. Fare: NT$ 600
4.Booking online:
Notice: Kenting express runs along the highway, no standing room ticket is available. To ensure every passenger is seated, the staffs of the bus company will control the number of passengers on the buses. Please book in advance if you plan to ride on HSR Kenting express (the same rule is applicable to passengers buying tickets at the station, on the buses, or with e-cards)

Service Hotline

Kenting Express Service Telephone:
+886-7-2359847 Service Hour: 09:00~17:00
+886-7-8625388 Service Hour: 08:10~19:10


Guidelines for carrying folding bikes on the bus:
1. Carrying folding bikes on the bus is allowed.
2. Please observe the following rules when carrying folding bikes:
(1) You should put the folding bike in a bike bag.
(2)Putting it in the luggage compartment, you should pay half fare for your bike

Concession tickets guidelines:
1. There are full tickets and half tickets. All day return tickets are offered at discount prices already. Apologize for no further discount.
2. Half tickets are available to:
(1) Senior citizens at the age of 65 or above, with ROC ID cards or Senior Citizen Cards
(2) Holders of Disabled Cards. Must ride with a guardian or a partner.
(3) Children below 12 years old at height of 115cm and below 145cm can purchase half tickets with valid IDs.
3. Free:
Children at the height of 115cm or below or children below 6 years old but at the height above 115cm are allowed to ride on the buses free with valid IDs,But they must be accompanied by adults with valid tickets,should not take any seat.

Guidelines for carrying pets on the bus:
You need to pay half fare for each pet carried on the bus. But they should not take any seat.Guide dogs must be allowed on the buses to safeguard the rights of the people with visual impairment. All guide dogs can ride on the buses for free. 

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Related scenic spots along the route

Kenting National Park

  Kenting National Park located in southern of Hengchun Peninsula was established in September of 1982, where is the first national park in Taiwan.
  With unique landform, plenty of animal and plant species, this national park is not only a natural museum for research, education but also a recreation tourist attraction such as Nanren Lake, Longluan Lake, Dajianshih Mountain, Sail Rock. Every year, more than four billion visitors will come to Kenting to enjoy the beauty of southern Taiwan.


  Located in Kenting National Park, Nanwan (South Bay) is one of the beaches of Kenting coast. It used to be a whaling area during the Japanese occupation, and is now a fishing village that has a soft white sand beach stretches 600 meters long. South Bay is the longest bay with a plain slop along the coast making it a perfect place for water activities.

Xiaowan Beach (Little Bay)

  The arc-shape Xiaowan Beach is located in front of Caesar Park Hotel and Howard Hotel. This gorgeous beach has outdoor bars and live band that attracts many western visitor. It also has a path straight from the Howard Hotel which made a great convenience for the hotel guest. The beach is small but the clean white sand made it a great place to relax, sunbathing, and even being romantic at night. When snorkeling at reef region of Xiaowan Bay you will find lots of colorful surprise. 

National Museum of Marine Biology

  To take Taiwan as its model, NMMBA demonstrates the waters of Taiwan in ecological sense, carefully dividing under water species according to specific environments, from high mountain streams, brook edges about riverbeds, inter-tidal waters, and then to the deep, immense ocean area. The Coral Kingdom invites you to encounter with a variety of colorful coral as well as those cheerful, friendly cetacean creatures, through the 80- meter- long underwater corridor. Speaking of the now-constructing Waters of the World hall, it is going to show the interactions and impacts occur among main waters and civilizations globally, giving directions for exploring those mysterious marine habitats by virtual tunnels or 3D theaters. The wavy shaped roof--- motif of the major part of museum---was meant to arouse among visitors the idea of water, which goes well with those mountains and ocean in sight. Besides, you may also find within NMMBA some restaurants with a nice view, seaside coffee shops suitable for a stroll around, gift stores selling marine life curios and more services of the sort. Being a neighbor to Kending (Kenting) National Park, NMMBA has made itself another great spot on the long list of museums contributed to education of natural life in Hengchun, where is famous for its abundance in original resources and scenery.

Fangliao F3 Art District

  Fangliao F3 Artist Village located next to Fangliao Train Station. It was a gathering places for Fangliao literature, history artists and other artists from different industries to share their works. Fangliao Local Culture Association holds art gallery, art exhibition, artist talks, and community activities at the F3 warehouse. If you come to Fangliao F3 Artist Village, you’ll be attracted by the local arts and culture.

Hengchun Old Town

  The Ancient City of Hengchuen started to build in the first year of Qing emperor Guangxu and completed the building in the 5th year of Qing emperor Guangxu. Locates in the center of Hengchuen plain, the Ancient City of Hengchuen is circulated with San Tai Mountain, Hu Tou Mountain, Long Luan Mountain, and Xi Pin Mountain. The famous fung shui specialist “Liu Ao” took Hou Dong Mountain as the center and built four city gates (east, west, south, north) around the Ancient City of Hengchuen. Forts were set on the wall, and river circled the outside of the wall. This is a well preserved historic interest in Taiwan.

Hengchun Old Street

  Hengchuen Old Street is on intersection area of Zhongshan road and Fu De road. This centenary old street has many antique buildings which are more than 50 years history.
  If you’re just walking around, you might not be able to aware of those ancient buildings.
  But if you walk into each historic store and look carefully to the old buildings, you’ll find something unique. Some stores had been redecorated at the shop front, but if you raise your head and look up, you’ll see the classical window decoration, traditional tiles that has mixed style of Southern Fujian and Baroque architecture. The mixture of oriental culture and western culture to the architectures are really amazing. These buildings had been well-preserved for people to find out the beauty of old fashion.
  Speaking of the local food, it’s another good try for visitors who are tired of Japanese, Italian, and American diet. Hakka Salt Cake, Tangyuan, Shucked Mung Beans, Mixed Noodle Soup, and Dock with Green Bean Noodle are famous local foods that you must try. It’s a place for you to explore traditional local foods.


  Sihjhongsi hot spring, Yangmingshan hot spring, Beitou hot spring, and Guanzihling hot spring are called the four hot spring areas in Taiwan. The hot spring is a sodium bicarbonate spring (alkalescence) that contains many mineral which can benefit to your skin and is also drinkable.
  This hot spring had been discovered in Qing Dynasty and earned the reputation from Japan Imperial family during Japanese occupation. The everlasting Sihjhongsi hot spring also brings the development of local hot spring hotels and resorts.

Donglong Temple

  Donglong Temple is the most famous temple in Donggang township. Wen, Wang-Ye was the legendary great man in Donggang and people deify him as a protect god in Donggang township. This also becomes one part of the local culture. The triennial “Wangye Worshipping Ceremony” is an important local activity. All the villagers will join this activity to worship Wang-Ye with “Wang Ship” which craftsmen put their hard work to complete the art work.