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Xitou Route

Bus Station plate number Arrival
Taichung Gancheng Station(臺中干城站) 33
Taichung Station(臺鐵臺中站) 36
Minxing Park(民興公園) 41
Daqing Station(臺鐵大慶站) 46
THSR Taichung Station(高鐵臺中站) 53
Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park(車籠埔斷層保存園區) 983-FX 29
In Front Of The Warehouse(倉庫前(竹山交流道)) 983-FX 30
Jhushan Industrial Park(竹山工業區服務中心) 983-FX 35
Chuxiang(初鄉) 983-FX 44
Zhongxing Bees Farm(中興蜂場) 983-FX 47
Luchang 879-FY not available
Lugu Farmers' Association(鹿谷鄉農會茶業中心) 879-FY not available
Gungxing(廣興) 879-FY arriving
Neihu(內湖) 879-FY 7
Neihu Elementary School(內湖國小) 879-FY 9
Wankeng(彎坑) 879-FY 17
LeMidi Hotel(米堤) 879-FY 17
Xitou (Xitou nature education area)(溪頭(溪頭自然教育園區)) 879-FY 21
Bus Station plate number Arrival
Xitou (Xitou nature education area)(溪頭(溪頭自然教育園區)) 8
LeMidi Hotel(米堤) 12
Wankeng(彎坑) 13
Neihu Elementary School(內湖國小) 513-U8 arriving
Neihu(內湖) 513-U8 4
Gungxing(廣興) 513-U8 8
Lugu Farmers' Association(鹿谷鄉農會茶業中心) 513-U8 9
Luchang 513-U8 10
Zhongxing Bees Farm(中興蜂場) 513-U8 11
Chuxiang(初鄉) 513-U8 14
Jhushan Industrial Park(竹山工業區服務中心) 786-FT not available
In Front Of The Warehouse(倉庫前(竹山交流道)) 786-FT 9
Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park(車籠埔斷層保存園區) 786-FT 10
THSR Taichung Station(高鐵臺中站) 786-FT 46
Daqing Station(臺鐵大慶站) 786-FT 55
Gongguan Village(公館里) 786-FT 59
Taichung Station(臺鐵臺中站) 517-U8 not available
Taichung Gancheng Station(臺中干城站) 517-U8 8