Southwest Coast Route

Bus Station plate number Arrival
Chiayi City Bus Station(嘉義市先期交通轉運中心站) 69
THSR Chiayi Station(高鐵嘉義站) 90
Southern Branch of the NPM(故宮南院) 98
Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf(東石漁人碼頭) 976-FT 19
The Glass Shoe Church(高跟鞋教堂) 976-FT not available
Haomeili(好美里) 976-FT not available
Beimen Visitor Center(北門遊客中心) 976-FT not available
Bus Station plate number Arrival
Beimen Visitor Center(北門遊客中心) 279
THSR Chiayi Station(高鐵嘉義站) 316
Chiayi City Bus Station(嘉義市先期交通轉運中心站) 336